Clean Men for a Messy Job

Clean Men for a Messy Job

Dan Warburton is our Brighton based entrepreneurial quoting agent who has recently taken on the commitment of leading the Crystal Clear Campaign, which aims to solve the problem of drainage misconnections across the UK. A drainage misconnection is where a property’ waste water drainage is not connected to send the waste water from the property’s bathroom and/or their kitchen to join sewage treatment works but rather gets sent to join local streams and rivers.

What spurred Dan into action on this was finding out that the Marine Conservation Society reported the highest number of wet wipes to be found washed up on UK national shores this year. Dan, who leads the Crystal Clear Campaign while working for us here at 24/7 Maintenance believes a major cause of our wet wipe laden sea shores is because he and the 247 Maintenance drainage team have found that at least one to two percent of all the properties they have carried out drainage works on have been found to be misconnected.

“I love going swimming in our near by sea in Brighton during the summer months.” Says Dan. “But now I’m finding out about drainage misconnections and sewage spills I really don’t like the idea of this which breaks my heart. I can’t stand back and let this go on. Our seas are sacred. I’m taking a stand that we take effective action to properly locate, document and solve drainage misconnections once and for all.”

Dan is now in talks with the Marine Conservation Society and the UK National Connect Right Agency to see how the problem might be tackled. Originally, Dan’s intention was to lead staff members of 24/7 Maintenance to check drains (at a fee of £29 per household) and offer each property owner a certificate to state that their drainage meets current building regulations. For those that fail the check, the £29 would then include the cost for the solution to solve any found drainage misconnection. Other ideas are that 24/7 Maintenance also offers the certificate free of charge with any drainage works they carry out and build up a data base to eventually reach the target of numbering off all 114,479 Brighton based properties, of which Dan believes as many as 2290 are currently misconnected.

The next step Dan is taking is to create a data base with their drainage check findings and during July launch the Crystal Clear Drainage Certification Service, aimed to be primarily sponsored with the required manpower by 24/7 Maintenance UK Ltd.

From there, Dan and the Marine Conservation Society will look at what kind of educational leaflets can be left with each home owner to begin further decreasing the number of wet wipes being flushed down our toilets.

While the 247 Maintenance drainage team carry out drainage works Dan is now keeping records of each drainage check finding. If you would like to know if your properties drainage has been certified to meet current building regulations and can be awarded the Crystal Clear Campaign certification please call us on our main line and ask for Dan or email us at: