When it comes to removing and applying new rendering, it is crucial that the mixture and technique be right.


If not, the results can be both disastrous and dangerous.


At 247 Maintenance, we have skilled rendering workers who not only deliver a high quality finish but a finish that will reliably last.


We offer extensive rendering solutions, both to the interior and exterior of your property.

We also have years of experience in applying water proofing mixtures to renovate coal and basement spaces as well as, when required, render stitching parting wall sections.


We are also able to re-render grade two listed buildings to conform to the current strict regulations to ensure your property meets today’s regulations.


Whether it be ground level or high up, we’re set and ready to go.


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Removing old rendering

Interior and exterior re-rendering

Breathable and water proofing solutions

Traditional sand and cement

Grade 1 and 2 listed building solutions.


Everything Handled

Managing renovation works while trying to carry out your daily routine can very be frustrating. For this reason we like to handle everything for you, regardless of how simple or complex your required works may be. From scaffolding hire, planning through logistics, handling keys, liaising with tenants, supplying materials, providing highly skilled workers, waste disposal, quality control and cleaning. From beginning to end we are committed to handling everything for you efficiently, to ensure carrying out your work is as hassle free as possible for you.

Trained And Prepared

Every team member at 247 Maintenance is trained to the highest standards, so we can guarantee you get the best result. All our workers have built up years of skill development and knowledge in their trade before joining us plus, each member has been checked to have very good referees before we appoint them any work. All our vans are also equipped with ladders and specialist tools so that no matter what kind of work is required, we are ready to deliver high quality results every time.

One Year Guarantee On All Workmanship And Fair Pricing

At 247 Maintenance we don’t like to overcharge. For this reason, we don’t impose any call out fees and all quotations are free. We are also committed to completing all works to a high quality finish for a reasonable price. Furthermore, we only issue an invoice for the final payment once you tell us the works are finished and that you are completely satisfied with the end result. Furthermore, we offer a one year guarantee on all workmanship (click here for guarantee conditions) so you can relax knowing that you are only paying for quality workmanship that is made to last.

Safety Is Vital

You, your family and our workers safety is vital to us so our workers are trained to minimise work hazards. At the end of each day all tools are placed out of harm’s way and, when required, areas are cordoned off. We keep access costs to a minimum, while ensuring safe access is provided and we only carry out works once our strict safety checks are passed. 247 Maintenance is also fully covered by public indemnity insurance. With a commitment to maintaining such safety standards you can relax knowing that every action we take is carried out with everyone’s safety in mind.